Joshua Johnson
Career Coach and Business Consultant

Joshua loves working with individuals to help them chase after the dreams and goals that they have for their careers. His passion for seeing others achieve success is what motivates him and is what inspired him to begin his coaching career. Joshua has an ability to help others look past their current situations to see the various possibilities for their life and career. He also encourages his clients to take chances and reach for the things that may appear to be impossible to reach. 

"I believe that every person has a choice between two paths to follow in their lives - a job or a calling. You can spend your entire life working in various jobs and find yourself completely unsatisfied or you can choose to throw fear, doubt, and uncertainty aside and take a chance to follow your calling (that thing you were born to do). Most people never let go of the things that hold them back from their calling. They never get to live in the fullness of what their career could be. My goal is to work with those individuals who wish to discover what they truly want to do with their life and then help them make a plan to live that out everyday."

Joshua has almost 10 years of experience in employee recruitment, training, and development. Having worked with corporations, retailers, non-profits, as well as, Fortune 500 companies to help identify, recruit, and train top performing candidates, Joshua brings that knowledge and experience to help coach individuals to the next level in their career path and to land their dream job.


Joshua has extensive training in employee management, recruitment and retention, customer service, social media marketing, and education.


Joshua has also coached and mentored individuals, from all walks of life, providing targeted guidance in personal and career development.

Joshua received a BA in Music and studied Pre-medicine at Duke University, has multiple business certifications, and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

Esther Solomon Johnson
Christian Life Coach

Esther Solomon loves helping people grow beyond their current limitations. Whether it's an external force working against them or various internal factors impacting their efforts, Esther has an innate ability to identify and help alleviate those limits. 

"I believe that everyone has been created with a unique plan for their lives and that desire lives deep within us. When the life that we are living and the experiences that we are having don't align with that plan (or that dream) then we feel out of place or like our life isn't what it's "supposed" to be. But once we get back into alignment with that Master plan, then we are back in the flow... back on track to achieve all of those unique plans that God made us to fulfill." ~ Esther Solomon Johnson


Esther has almost 20 years of experience in training and education. Having designed and presented hundreds of classes and workshops on self-development, overcoming adversity and trauma, handling stress in life, and the impact of family violence on children, Esther brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each coaching session, class, and workshop.


Esther has extensive training in Christian Education, Trauma-informed care, Leadership Development,  Program Development and implementation, and workshop design and presentation. 


She has also developed and presented Bible education classes and series on walking out the Christian life, character development through biblical themes, and spiritual warfare.


Esther received a BS in Psychology (with a Christian Counseling specialization) and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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